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Dr. Robert Theobald III specializes in Colorectal Endoscopy, Rectal Surgery & Diseases of the Colon and Rectum.

We are dedicated to the delivery of high quality, effective colorectal medical services in a caring, safe, cost conscious manner.

We understand the sensitive nature of colorectal medical issues, and we strive to provide our services in an environment, which stresses the privacy and confidentiality of the patient.

Patient satisfaction and health are our goals.




Surgical Solutions

If your health condition necessitates rectal surgery, we perform several types:

Hemorrhoidectomy - The surgical removal of hemorrhoid tissue.

Pilonidal Cystectomy - The surgical removal of Pilonidal Cyst.

Fissurectomy - The surgical removal of rectal fissure

Sphincterotomy - The surgical release of the internal sphincter muscle.

Fistulectomy - The surgical removal of a perianal fistula.


   Prevention is always the best medicine. Colon Cancer is a treatable disease, if caught early. We want to help ensure your health by offering preventative screening for possible colon and rectal problems. This becomes important as we get older. The NIH (National Institute of Health) suggests that all men and women age 50 or older should have a Colonoscopy.

   Persons who have a family history of colorectal disease should start screenings at an earlier age. Most people with early stages of colon cancer have no symptoms.




Non-Surgical Solutions

We offer these effective non-surgical options:

IRC (Infra-Red Coagulation)


Rubber-Band Ligation


Tampa Proctologist: Dr. Robert Theobald III specializes in the treatment of hemorrhoids, colon cancer, rectal disease, anal skin tags, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Verrucous (HPV) Lesions, Irritable Bowel Syndrome Disease, Chronic Constipation and Diarrhea, Fissures and Fistulas, Abscesses (perianal, supralevator, and intersphincteric), Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids by offering surgical means like: Hemorrhoidectomy, Pilonidal Cystectomy, Fissurectomy, Sphincterotomy & Fistulectomy and non-surgical solutions like:  IRC (Infra-Red Coagulation), Sclerotherapy, Rubber-Band Ligation.  Sitemap 2 3.  Serving the entire Tampa Bay area of Florida including Tampa & St. Petersburg Hillsborough & Pinellas County, FL. Dr. Robert Theobald III  3109 W. Swann Ave. Tampa, Florida 33603. External hemorrhoids and bleeding hemorrhoid relief,  treatments & surgery solutions by a trusted Tampa Proctologist:  Dr. Robert Theobald III.

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